Sunday, December 7, 2008

3ix is Not A Cheap Hosting Provider

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Remember my post about transferring my site to 3ix? It was the biggest mistake I ever made with respect to my blog. I remember bragging to my blogger friends how they provide chat support and how cheap their services are. But now I take back all those things I have bragged about because with 3ix, you get what you paid for - cheap hosting.

This post is going to be long so please bear with me as I try to vent out my frustrations here in my blog. I hope someone will learn from my experience. If you decide you don’t want to read all the bru-haha, then you can skip and proceed here.

I have been a subscriber of 3ix for over six months before I transferred to 3ix hosting, which worked pretty much well. I decided that free hosting no longer works for my blog so I ordered an upgrade of my account amounting to $28.10. It was OK at first. I mean I can’t transfer my database to their MySQL server but the support was kind enough to upload the dump file for me. Then hell started to break loose.

One time, I thought that my account was compromised because my homepage shows the WordPress installation page. So I asked them to check what is wrong with my account. The very kind technical support didn’t know what to do and asked me if I have backup of my database, which I did from 3 days before. So the support dumped again the file after two hours of debate why he can’t import a dump file in tar.gz and zip format. I lost some post and comments because of this but I thought, you know sh*t happens, so I guess its OK.

Then I put in SiteUptime checker to see how many times my blog went down every day. I see reports that my has become inaccessible quite a few times because I received alerts through email but I thought that it is not so bad. Maybe it was all just false positives.

Then again, the database went missing. I checked phpMyAdmin and my WP database shows no tables. So I opened a chat again with their support and this time, I asked them to change the permission of the database because it was I think that is wrong. So they did and they fixed the problem.

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