Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Globe of Lies?

Globe Customer Service

This will be a short email just to let you how disappointed I am with how you treat your customers.

My contract for my handy phone number 0917864**** expired a few months ago and I have been trying avail of your loyalty program since then. However, I was passed between various Globe centers and online, being promised that someone will call me. Finally, after many follow ups, I was able to receive a call last December 10 telling me that a new phone will be delivered on December 14. I asked for an assurance since I will have to miss work to receive this, but I was told: “Sir, I cannot give you the exact time but for sure it will be delivered on the 14th, during office hours.”

December 14, I missed work and waited for your delivery.

At 12 noon, I made a follow up and I was told to just wait, the delivery time is 8 am to 5 pm.

At 4 PM, I made another follow up and I was told again to wait, delivery time is now up to 6 PM. After insisting that I talk to a supervisor, one finally talked to me and said: “Sir, I talked to the delivery service and I was assured that the one carrying your phone is currently on field and your phone will be delivered to you before 6 PM.”

At 6 PM, I called and told your agent that I have not received any delivery. I asked for an explanation, and your agent promised that someone will call back within the day to let me know what happened.

At 10 PM, I called again and asked why no one called me up yet. I was told my concern was already endorsed and O should just wait. After insisting for so long to talk to a supervisor, I was finally able to talk to one. The supervisor told me he will call the delivery service but he can’t get an answer since it’s after office hours already. But he promised me that someone will call them first thing in the morning and will call me as soon as they have an answer.

December 15, 2009

At 12 noon, no one called me up yet so I called you again and inquired about the incident (after two hours of trying, as I can’t get in). I was told that YOU TRIED TO DELIVER BUT I WAS NOT AROUND! Are you kidding me? I waited and waited for you. Will I call you four times if I was not waiting? And for a telecom company, NO ONE EVER BOTHERED TO TEXT OR CALL ME: “ where are you? We will deliver but you are not here in your house.” Is that so hard to do?

After insisting on talking to a supervisor, I was repeatedly told that no one is available (for 45 minutes), and I should just wait for a call. But since you NEVER fulfil your promise of calling me, I insisted on waiting, only for the agent to end the call without ever telling me. Giving the benefit of the doubt, I thought it might be just a technical problem (poor service?), so I expected a call back from the agent, telling me that it was not intentional. Or the supervisor that I have been asking for. But no call.. What can I expect? You are just proving that you are all liars. Or that you don’t value your customers.

So at 2:30, I called you up again but still no feedback except to tell me that you asked your delivery department and that you maintain that you delivered but I was not there. Are you telling me that I am a liar? Bakit ako mangungulit kung di ako naghihintay that day?

All this time, I was made to feel that you don’t give importance or value to your clients. We are just a source of income, but you don’t care about the service that you give.

But wait, that is not all. Allow me to enumerate other instances:

1. In the first two weeks of November, I was having trouble in Puerto princesa with your Mobile Broadband (0916708****), so I kept on calling you, and you keep on promising that you will call, but you never did.
2. First week of December, I was having problems with the same mobile internet, so I called you up. You promised to call me, you did not. When I made a follow up, you promised to send someone, but you never did. You said it would take 7 days and I should just wait! Just wait?! No updates, no contact, just suffer.

I am so full of you inefficiency and lack for respect for the time of your customers. In this regard, please consider this my official request to the following:

1. Cancel the new phone you are sending.
2. Terminate my line (0917864****) effective November 18, 2009.
3. Waive the pre termination fee for my super duo subscription since I am not able to continue it if my line is disconnected. Since I am having the line disconnected because of your POOR SERVICE, INEFFICIENCY, and LACK OF RESPECT FOR YOUR SUBSCRIBER, it is MORALLY and LEGALLY wrong for you to charge me a pre termination fee for my super duo.

I will be waiting for your reply to this letter no later than November 17, 2009. I would need your official explanation why you wasted my day last Dec. 14, and the actions that you have taken / actions that you will take.

Depending on your reply, please be aware that I am considering asking all of my friends, relatives, staff, and all my contacts to stop subscribing from you. And believe me, I can convince at least 20. Maybe you wouldn’t care, that’s just 20 out of your millions of subscribers. But I guarantee you, that is just the minimum.

In the spirit of transparency, I would like to inform you that this letter, together with your reply (or lack thereof), will be posted in my blogs and will be submitted to other blog administrators. I will also forward this letter and your reply to all my email contacts so that they will know how you value your clients.

A copy of this letter and your reply will also be submitted to the National Telecommunications Commission and the Department of Trade and Industry for possible formal complaint if I am not satisfied with your answer.

And yes, this is still a short email.

Your very unhappy subscriber,

Froilan Grate
0917 -864**** – my soon to be disconnected globe number
0908 884**** – my SMART number, my only number after my globe is disconnected.


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