Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Suggestions for Bankard

The Manager
Customer Service Department/
Online Banking
RCBC Bankard

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been a happy Bankard client (and RCBC Savings Bank too) for more than 2 years now. I am really happy with your products, and your phone banking. However, I do not have a very good experience with your mobile/internet banking. Being always on travel, I have recently requested for electronic billing (and also to lessen my use of paper, and thus lessen my wastes). This is a great feature that you offer, if only you can make it more easier. With your indulgence, I would like to point out the problems and offer some suggestions:

1. Your website can only be accessed by Internet Explorer, and users using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome cannot access your site. This is a bit strange for you to do given the fact that most users prefer the latter to over IE. Please upgrade your system so that you can be accessed by three browsers.
2. Your site is not very user friendly. For example, it is very hard to save my statements. Maybe you can present the monthly statements as PDF files that is easier to open and save. (You might want to copy HSBC Credit Cards online system on this.) Or better yet, maybe you can have the system set up where you email the statement directly to the enrolled email address of the card holder. That would just be excellent!
3. The design of your site is very boring (and it looks primitive). Sorry for being direct, but if you want to attract more clients, and make them feel secure in using your site, please please redesign your site. (Believe me, design matters. Though I am happy with RSB, I still can’t give up my China Bank Account because their site is just so user friendly, very feature packed and it looks very modern.)

Of course, it is worth noting also what I like about your service:

1. It is so easy to do balance transfer, request for installment, request for extension cards, and other transactions – with just a call. No forms required to be faxed!
2. Your call center is very efficient, your agents are good (most of them anyway) and they answer immediately (unlike some where I have to wait for so long before anyone answers).
3. Your system of rewarding clients with waived membership fee, even after the first year is a sure way to keep clients loyal to your card. I have been offered so many pre approved credit cards, but I have refused most for them. Some I have accepted, but my bankard is still my primary card. I only use the rest when I have maximized my credit limit for bankard (with the use of your zero percent installment, by the way and not by defaulting on payments)
4. And so many other things that make me a happy client. Please keep them up! Now, if you can just consider my suggestions above, I will definitely be a client for keeps.

Many thanks!


Froilan Grate


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